I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.

Not sure what I'm doing with this page.... but I'd like to formally go tell Alicia Skipper to go fuck herself.

Also, if somebody wants to buy this website from me - 713-935-6091 - Skipper

Also. fuck Alicia Skipper.

Maybe i'll decide to join facebook or something so I can post a picture so whoever visits this website knows who I'm talking about... but shes a cunt... and I hope nobody ever has to deal with her bull shit! She will take your money and kids away from you... then claim to be the victim. Fuck her!

Maybe if I get bored, I'll upload the videos of her abusing our children. Or the one where she is physically assaulting me.






The court didn't care to serve justice. Not sure what it will do posting here, but maybe it will give me some peace knowing that it won't be forgotten that in Texas as long as you don't have a penis then you'll get custody of your kids.